• Summer Camp

    Chatham SuperKids Super Summer Camp 2018

    Summer Camp at Chatham Gymnastics Centre is active and fun filled.
    Each week has activities and crafts that are based on that weeks exciting theme.
    Campers Age 3-12 years old
    Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm 1/2 Days available. Early/Late pickup available.
    $150/week – $35/day
    Lunch and snacks included.

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    Week 1: July 3-6
    Red Carpet!

    Lights, Camera, ACTION. A week full of glamour glitz and fun! Everyone is a Star!

    Week 2: July 9-13
    Rockin’ Rodeo

    A Western style week of cowboys and horses down on the range.
    Western style grub and crafts.
    I’ll Betcha the little fellers will love it.

    Week 3: July 16-20
    Incredibles! Superhero Week

    Dive in as your favourite Superhero for your Splash Course. Waves X Ray Vision or Flashes Dip and Dodge. Campers will be Chatham Kent’s own real life Superheros! I’m A Chatham SuperKid!

    Week 4: July 23-27
    All Things Disney
    From Moana to MADAGASGAR

    We’ll explore from the South Pacific to Madagascar and everything Disney in between

    Week 5: July 30- August 3
    Mad Science(STEM)

    Slip on your lab coat and become the next Einstein. We’ll ecplore in fun active ways different STEM topics

    Week 6: August 7 -10
    Cruisin’ Transylvania Style

    Your little monsters will embark luxury monster cruise ship. It’ll be smooth sailing for our Drac Pack as the monsters indulge in all of the shipboard fun that a cruise has to offer.

    Week 7
    Suess Week

    Our favourite week yet! “You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!
    Let’s explore all things Seuss!

    Week 8: August 20-24
    Spy Week – Sherlock Gnomes

    Who will be the true mastermind this week? Where will the clues lead. Our campers will be on the case all week.

    Week 9: August 28- September 1 – Out with a BANG! Ninjago style

    Our last week of Camp will be our most exciting! Campers will learn parkour and run Ninja warrior style obstacle courses.


    Stunt Jump Tumble… Cheer!
    Learn all the cheer basics. At the end of the week on Friday our campers will perform at 3:00. All are welcome to attend a see all that the Cheer Campers have learned.
    Aug 13-17 1-4:30pm – $80.00
    Full day available

    Acro CAMP

    Beginners to advanced. Need a little more Arco training or just want to learn to tumble this camp is for you.
    Prerequisite-Cartwheel and Handstand
    July 9-13 1-4:30pm – $80.00
    Full day available


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  • ​​CHATHAM INSPIRE GYMNASTICS is a sanctioned member of Gymnastics Ontario
    All Coaches are certified through the ​National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP)