• SuperKids Ninja Zone

    sm_logoSupeKids Ninja Zone is the physical outlet you’ve been searching for. Designed specifically for high-energy children, the SuperKids Ninja Zone is the perfect workout for your crazy kid.

    SuperKids Ninja Zone is a fun and intense workout that Kids LOVE.

    shutterstock_492686591SuperKids Ninja Zone is so much more than a way to wear out your kids for an hour, although that is definitely a perk! Ninja Zone is about development. It’s about using the Ninja Sport and the ideas of goal setting, competition, and physical activity as tools to build more productive kids that will be able to succeed in life, just as much as in the gym.

    Jump Run Flip
    Climb NINJA!

    Classes are fun, challenging, and dynamic for kids who love obstacle courses climbing running and tumbling. Based on a solid curriculum with components from Tumbling, Gymnastics, Parkour and Athletic Fitness. Each week, your child will learn new techniques and fun ways to use their bodies to overcome obstacles in new and functional ways.

    Current Classes

    Tuition does not include HST and Annual membership Fee *AMF*

    *AMF* Annual Membership Fee $40
    Chatham Gymnastics Centre charges an annual membership to every child participating in any of our programs.
    Each membership is backed by a $10,000,000 insurance policy through Gymnastics Ontario’s group policy and includes all administration costs associated with the carrier.
    Our membership fee are valid for a one year period: July 1st. thru June 30th.
    Gymnastics Ontario Memberships fees are transferable to/from any Gymnastics Ontario affiliated club.

    “All for Kids” Funding is available for families that may require financial assistance in order to enroll their children into one of our programs.

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    ​​CHATHAM INSPIRE GYMNASTICS is a sanctioned member of Gymnastics Ontario
    All Coaches are certified through the ​National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP)