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    There is no doubt that participation in any competitive sport requires a significant amount of time,
    commitment, and effort.
    For the athlete it means dedicating much of their after-school time to the sport they love!
    For parents, it involves some sacrifice in the way of time, effort and money to provide their child muchneeded support. Initially some parents wonder if it is all worth it.
    Ask any parent with children in our inspire program and they will tell you – Yes! It is worth the time and effort. It won’t be long before you see it for yourself through the actions and feelings of your child as they FLY with confidence and enthusiasm. Enriches with all the Hugs and High Fives

    What Are Some Of The Benefits?

    • They receive obvious physical and mental benefits – “healthy body = healthy mind!”
    • These athletes will inspire to develop socially and acquire friendship
    • They develop self-discipline and a desire to achieve
    • They receive training for setting goals and becoming a focused individual
    • They develop an amazing work ethic
    • They will learn how to handle themselves in a variety of situations
    • They will develop self-confidence while achieving skills and other personal goals
    • They will learn how to maximize and prioritize their time
    • They will learn how to be an effective leader, teacher
    • They can reach out for potential scholarship opportunities (for athletes who excel at the provincial or national levels)
    • They can benefit from travel opportunities that give them experiences that last a lifetime
    • They develop and enhance excellent character traits and learn important life skills

    Inspire Competitive Programs

    Gymnastics is a year round sport that requires hard work, determination, commitment and perseverance.
    In terms of progress and skill development, there is no substitute for “putting in the time” in the gym with a disciplined, strict schedule. One of the most important jobs as an “Inspire Parent” is to provide your child with that disciplined schedule to give them the best opportunity possible to succeed in the sport of gymnastics and to gain invaluable life skills and lessons.

    How Are We Different Than Other Competitive Clubs?

    • We do not rush athletes to learn skills or to compete until they feel ready!
    • We have a place for all levels of competitive gymnasts from beginner and up!
    • Because we do not have a board of directors we don’t have the politics that impedes progress
    • We have less parent hours than any other gym but belief as a family we can grow an athlete stronger
    • We are family run and family oriented where a nurturing and caring environment is a priority over winning
    • We encourage to build through progression and proper technique
    • Hugs and High Fives is our Motto
    • Committed coaches mean committed gymnasts.
    • We have precompetitive and competitive teams from 3 to 18 years.

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  • ​​CHATHAM INSPIRE GYMNASTICS is a sanctioned member of Gymnastics Ontario
    All Coaches are certified through the ​National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP)