• 5 Things Cheerleading Teaches about Compassion and Kindness

    5 Things Cheerleading Teaches about Compassion and Kindness

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    Being a Cheerleader inspires confidence, cooperation, teamwork, and work ethic in athletes.

    If you want a strong leader that motivates and inspires, find a cheerleader.
    Cheerleading does not only improve your leadership skills, but it also makes you a more compassionate and caring person.

    Here is how:

    1. Cheerleaders protect their teammates no matter what. Bases and back spots will go to great lengths to ensure their flyers are safe, and a flyer will motivate and support her bases and back spot at all cost. Cheerleaders are there for each other and they are always thinking about people above themselves.

    2. Cheerleaders are great team players. As a Cheerleader, you are responsible, and therefore, they think about how their actions affect other people. There is always a consequence to our actions, and cheerleaders are especially aware of this since cheerleading is such a team sport.

    For instance, the entire team will be affected if a cheerleader does not show up for practice. Your actions – however great or trivial – affect people outside of cheerleading as well, and knowing this, a cheerleader always considers family, friends, and other people around them.

    3. Cheerleaders are role models, partly because they are often in the spotlight. That said, Cheerleaders never disappoint, and they try to be good representatives of their team and school by setting good examples those who look up to them.

    4. Cheerleaders are always there for the team, with the crowd and they lift the spirit of their sports teams and the fans through the big wins and the unfortunate losses. Cheerleaders are out there getting the crowd enthusiastic when it’s game time, always working hard at raising spirits until it becomes second nature. When cheerleaders are not practicing or cheering at a game, they are working hard at increasing school spirit in many creative ways.

    5. Cheerleaders Give Back. Cheerleaders invest in people, and raise awareness. In addition to investing time into your school and teams, cheerleaders can also make a significant impact in their communities. Squads regularly participate in parades, festivals, and other community events, extending the reach of their cheer even more, to the extent of raise awareness and donations for causes that are important to the team.

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    1. My daughter really wants me to let her do cheer, but I had no idea that this sport could teacher her to be kind and compassionate. After reading this post, I really like how being a part of a team could really benefit her. I think that it would be great for her to learn how to protect her friends and for her to build strong relationships with them where they will learn to protect her as well. Thank you for sharing this post, because it has made me want to start looking for a team for my daughter to be a part of.
      Reply April 21, 2016 at 12:14 PM

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